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 Rules on Trading

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PostSubject: Rules on Trading   Thu Dec 27, 2012 12:32 am

Welcome to then trading section! We really hope you enjoy trading here, and listed below are some rules that we'd like everyone to follow to keep the system secure. We take trades very seriously here, so we hope you do too.

We are NOT liable for any fraud, or theft taking place in this forum. What you do past the trade is not under our control. Trading is also a privilege that may be taken away if you, as a member, fail to abide by these rules. We will do our best to try to keep your trading safe, and we have structured the section to facilitate this as best possible, but the responsibility ultimately rests on you.

~Terms of Service must be enforced:
Don't break the rules of the forum, or the ones that are listed here. Our rules override any "rules" you may specify on your trade thread. Only the rules on this page will be enforced. You may only leave neutral or negative feedback to a trader if they fail to follow the rules listed on this page. Failure to follow these rules may result in a warning or a trade ban (temporary or permanent).

~ Haves/Wants list are strictly cards only.
Each member must have a list of cards they have and want which must include
Fully typed list of at least 10 cards that the user has and at least 10 cards the user wants.
No buying only or selling only threads.

~ Trade Confirmation:
Trades are confirmed once both parties exchange addresses
Cards are assumed to be TCG English near mint/mint, unless otherwise specified. You can't just send damaged or foreign cards to people without telling them.
You must give out your full address when confirming a trade, including your name. Failure to write your address properly is not an excuse to back out of a trade, rather you'll just be warned to provide your complete address. You must provide your address even when you aren't receiving anything in the mail, such as when you are just receiving money.
For a trade to be confirmed both addresses must be exchanged within 3 days of one another.
You have 10 days to send out your end when it is your turn.
Domestic Mail takes about 4 days to be received, international trades take longer depending on locations
Remember, each member is responsible for their end arriving. If cards are lost in the mail and you do not have any proof of delivery be prepared to send compensation. As such purchasing Delivery Confirmation is highly recommended as without it the burden of compensation will be on you if problems arise.

~Ripping is unacceptable:
If found ripping another member, you will be banned from the entire forum.
Ripping is a form of theft on another members' cards, and as such members are encouraged to file mail fraud when this occurs.
If you manage to identify a member that has been banned for ripping, please report them to staff.

~Save your PMs regarding trades:
Keep track of your trades in case of any problems arise.

~Trade Safely:
If you have any questions then PM a trade mod.
Dueling Network will not be held liable for rip-off, lost, or stolen cards. Trade at your own risk. Be wary of trades that are too good to be true. Use a middleman for large trades.
Common sense and sending with Delivery Confirmation is a very good idea.


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Rules on Trading

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