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 My Pet Peeves

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D.D. Eatos
D.D. Eatos

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PostMy Pet Peeves

Some of you are wondering what a "Pet Peeve" is?

A pet peeve is a recurring source of irritation.

And I just want somewhere to rant about it, its a free country I have teh powah of fwee speech

1) Members of Chat

Their names shall stay anonymous, but they are the people who troll for no reason and find the dumbest things to complain about. I may be one of them ._.

2) Yu-Gi-Oh! Terms

Call me a nerd, but i hate it when people say "target" when a card clearly does not target.

3) First Turn minus anything above 1

You either start with a good monster row and get Dark Holed or set 2 card and get Heavy Storm'd. Pick your poison.

4) Asking for a Blessing

You start a hand with either too many Spells/Traps or Monsters to the point that you are asking for too many rematches.

5) Only you can stop Flamers and Pedo's

People who name call or insult another's for no reason just out of rage because a certain way they play or a way they lose. I am one of em but you wanna refer to point 3 and 4, i dont name call though. Hitting people on the internet is kinda low (or lazy) I'll be honest.
Yeah people can be good internet buddies but you know the obstacles you
have to go through just to meet them? And Harassers, just wtf, you guys
are lower than shit itself. Just look at Rachel and Jason, I bet they
didn't meet on the internet.

6) Unfairness

If you let someone do a redo and they be like nah I forbid you make a mistake on your turn, thats just plain F***ed up.

7) Trollers


I'll try to update >_>
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Re: My Pet Peeves
Post on Sat Jan 05, 2013 5:33 am  Carpe_Diem
I have very much the same pet peeves as Eatos. However one of my biggest ones, IS THE DAMN EGOS MOST DUELIST HAVE!

IF you are a good duelist, then kudos to you, but dont go around shoving it in peoples faces. There is a difference between being proud of your accomplishments and being arrogant about them.

When I started dueling every time I lost I always made an excuse to why I lost, rather than really look at the factual reasons. After being humbled by some duelists, I began to see why I losing at a more technical level, instead of blaming bad draws, topdecking, etc. I became better at building decks, but I still keep in mind, there will always be better duelists. And now when I duel if I lose, I gladly accept it. Sometimes I am really happy, because I got to see someone use a combo that I would have never thought of. Most of my combos now, come from those that beat me in the past. SO A LOSS IS NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT OR MAKE EXCUSES FOR. Sorry Im not trying to say anyone here does that, it just irks me when it does happen, especially when I find myself doing it.

My Pet Peeves

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