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 Welcome to the forest...

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PostSubject: Welcome to the forest...   Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:29 pm

A shadow like figure smiles at you through the darkness of the trees and begins to extend out it's boney hand.

"I see you have made it into the dark forest...Tell me, did you bring a light with you? No? Such a shame...At night it gets rather dark in these grounds. But dont worry...as long as you dont get lost you will be just fine...Whats that? You are already lost? Well then...Do you have any last words?"

HELLO I am Skull, or as some know me as "Master of the forest" I got the name from the fact I used to run a beast deck in which my favorite card was Spiritual forest. Thus It became the forest. I wont say im the best duelist, but by far I am not a shitty one. Constellars are my main deck for now and as you may know, they are ocg! But trust me I can duel just fine without them :3 I have been in qda for awhile now, but never actually did an intro for the new qda and figured I would

I apologize for the fact I willl not be able to be active as much as I used to be due to moving and now having no internet, but I will be able to play durring second peroid in my new school thanks to unrestricted computers :3 CANT WAIT TO DUEL YOU GUYS

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Welcome to the forest...

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